he New Partners Initiative (NPI), launched in 2005 on World AIDS Day, was a $200 million program created under the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR or Emergency Plan) to fund work with new partners, including community and faith-based organizations that implement HIV/AIDS prevention and care activities in the 15 Emergency Plan focus countries. NPI sought to enhance partners' technical and organizational capacities to provide prevention and care to people in need and ensure the quality and sustainability of HIV programs by building community ownership.

Technical assistance (TA) provided to partners included an array of skill-building activities via customized technical assistance and broad-based trainings designed to ensure that skills built during the NPI grant period are institutionalized and sustainable. The NPI-Connect.Net Web site complemented the TA by serving as an easy-to-use body of knowledge aimed at improving the practices and enhancing the organizational performance of NPI grantees.

FHI 360 provided technical assistance to 22 Round One NPI Partners, 1 Round Two Partner and 6 Round Three Partners. JSI provided technical assistance to 13 Round Two and 13 Round Three Partners.