Capable Partners Program (CAP)

The Capable Partners Program (CAP) works across different sectors to strengthen the organizational and technical capacities of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community-based organizations (CBOs), faith-based organizations (FBOs), intermediary support organizations (ISOs) and NGO networks.

A Leader with associates (LWA) Cooperative Agreement, competitively awarded by USAID Washington, CAP works with Missions to design and implement interventions that are adapted to local contexts and based on proven approaches. New associate awards may be executed until August 2013 and may continue for an additional five years through August 2018.

CAP undertakes activities related to four programmatic objectives:

  • Strengthen operational and technical capacity of local NGOs, networks and ISOs;
  • Build and support linkages among local organizations (NGOs, coops, networks, governments, and businesses);
  • Increase capacity of NGOs, networks and ISOs to engage in advocacy for key policies or programs;
  • Disseminate tested innovations, best practices, and lessons learned.

Services Provided
Leader (funded by the USAID Office of Development Partners): CAP core-funded activities include an 18-month training series in advocacy and monitoring and evaluation; a series of technical papers on working effectively with NGOs; technical assistance and training to strengthening the systems of local NGOs, Networks and local capacity building service providers; grants to support the development of NGO networks; an interactive, electronic web portal, NGOConnect.NET; and research and publications, including case studies of NGO networks and organizational assessments and strengthening tools.

Associate (funded and designed by Mission or USAID/Washington): CAP will accept Associate Awards from Missions and USAID/W in support of specific objectives. CAP will determine that the scopes of all Mission and operating unit requests meet the Leader scope and will issue concurrences prior to the Missions’ and operating units’ executing cooperative agreements under CAP. CAP has received funded requests for PEPFAR small grants and institutional strengthening, anti-trafficking, NGO organizational and technical strengthening, advocacy skills building and NGO-government partnerships.


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