Conducting A Participatory Evaluation

Tips paper describes participatory evaluation, why it is important, and how to conduct one.

Conducting Focus Group Interviews

Tips paper describes what focus group interviews are, when they are useful and how to conduct one.

CAP Mozambique Partners List – 2015.pdf

CAP Mozambique Partners List – 2015

CAP Mozambique Partners List - 2015 - ENG

List of all CAP Mozambique grantees

Closing the Gap Between Promise and Practice

Paper offers a conceptual framework and methodology for planning, monitoring and evaluating social development networks and partnerships by Darcy Ashman.

Update on Performance Monitoring of Capacity Development Programs

Paper on the state of performance monitoring of capacity development programs prepared for the Policy Branch of the Canadian International Development Agency by Peter Morgan.

Developing Skills of NGOS: An M&E Toolkit

Offers NGO managers and organizers with a comprehensive and practical understanding of monitoring and evaluation. Although applicable to policies and programs as well, the approach is focused on...

Qualitative Research Methods for PVOs & NGOs: A Trainer's Guide

A resource for giving staff and partners of PVO/NGO programs the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for carrying out qualitative research for program management purposes.

M&E Capacity Building: Is it really that difficult?

INTRAC paper examines key concepts in capacity building and M&E and describes a variety of different tools and approaches used to plan, monitor, and evaluate capacity building work.

Who Counts Reality: A Literature Review of Participatory M&E

Document contains a literature review of experiences in participatory monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) from around the world, used in different contexts and involving all stakeholders.

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