Financial Management Training Series

Financial technical assistance was a high priority need of new partners under the NPI program. The Financial Management Training Series is a computer-based training series focused on various topics in financial management and selected based on the finance-related technical assistance needs of NPI grantees. This training series was developed primarily for direct recipients of U.S. Government awards and technical assistance providers. However, the Timesheet Training Series can be used by any organization seeking to implement best practices.

Funding for the Financial Management Training Series was provided by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), under the Capable Partners Program (CAP) New Partners Initiative managed by FHI 360. Its contents and views do not necessarily reflect the views of either USAID or the U.S. Government.

Timesheet Training Series

Developing a timesheet system was identified as a topic requiring a high level of assistance and repeat visits of financial technical assistance staff under the NPI program. FHI 360 developed this innovative set of computer-based training modules to assist organizations in setting up, reviewing and approving a timesheet system that is in compliance with U.S. Government requirements and generally accepted accounting practices.

The three modules included under the Timesheet Training Series and learning objectives are described below. The French translation of the narration from the Timesheet Training Series can be accessed here.

  1. Developing a Timesheet Template Open Module
    • Describe the purpose of a timesheet
    • List the key elements for a timesheet
    • Explain why each key element is important
    • Distinguish a good timesheet from an incorrect timesheet
    • Customize a blank timesheet template
  2. Completing a Timesheet Open Module
    • Describe why it is necessary to complete a timesheet
    • Explain the basic steps involved in completing a timesheet
    • Complete a timesheet
    • Identify mistakes in an incorrect timesheet

  3. Approving a Timesheet Open Module
    • Describe why it is necessary to approve a timesheet
    • Explain the basic steps involved in approving a timesheet
    • Approve a sample timesheet

Recommended Users

Finance Managers, Human Resources Managers, Operations Managers, and Chief Financial Officers - These easy to use online trainings can help you to understand the importance of a compliant timesheet system and provide a step by step guide in how to implement a timesheet system for your organization. Specific modules, such as the "Completing a Timesheet" module, can be used with your staff to train them on their role in the timesheet system.

Technical Assistance Providers - Use this training as a refresher course or as a starting point for your technical assistance recipients.

Download modules

  1. Module 1 - Developing a Timesheet Template Download Module 1Download Module 1
  2. Module 2 - Completing a Timesheet Download Module 2Download Module 2
  3. Module 3 - Approving a Timesheet Download Module 3Download Module 3