NPI-Connect eNewsletters

NPI-Connect eNews provides New Partner Initiative (NPI) grantees with information about implementing an HIV program under NPI. Each newsletter concentrates on a single topic in one of eight capacity-building domains: compliance, external relations, financial management, human resources, monitoring and evaluation, program management, governance and HIV/AIDS technical resources. The complete newsletter archive may be accessed below. 

Issue 1: Pipelines and Burn Rates

Issue 2: SF-425: The New Financial Status Reporting Form

Issue 3: You and Your USG Team - Part 1

Issue 4: You and Your USG Team - Part 2

Issue 5: Cost Share

Issue 6: Faith-Based Organizations and USG Funding

Issue 7: Key Personnel

Issue 8: Recipients, Subrecipients and the USG

Issue 9: Your Strategic Planning Timeline

Issue 10: Annual Audit Requirements - Part 1

Issue 11: Annual Audit Requirements - Part 2

Issue 12: Governance, Management & the Board of Directors

Issue 13: Using Your Workplan as a Management Tool

Issue 14: Semi-Annual Performance Reporting

Issue 15: Managing Targets

Issue 16: Procurement: Restricted & Prohibited Items

Issue 17: NGO Marketing: Developing a Communication Plan - Part 1

Issue 18: NGO Marketing: Branding Your Program - Part 2

Issue 19: NGO Marketing: Developing a Marking Plan - Part 3

Issue 20: Gifts to & Lobbying USG Employees

Issue 21: Vehicle Procurement

Issue 22: Foreign Tax ("VAT") Reporting

Issue 23: Project Close Out - Part 1

Issue 24: Requesting USG Funds Using SF-270

Issue 25: Project Close Out - Part 2

Issue 26: Sharing Costs Across Projects vs. Shared or Indirect Project Costs

Issue 27: Source and Origin Restrictions

Issue 28: Success Story Reporting

Issue 29: Organizational Capacity Assessment

Issue 30: Travel Part 1 - International Travel Planning and Requirements

Issue 31: Travel Part 2 - Expenses and Reimbursement

Issue 32: Human Resources Policies

Issue 33: Procurement Policies  

Issue 34: Procurement Processes and Allowability

Issue 35: Excluded Parties and Terrorism Searches

Issue 36: Procurement: Solicitation and Selection

Issue 37: Human Resources: Putting Policies into Practice

Issue 38: Performance Appraisal

Issue 39: Supportive Supervision

Issue 40: Volunteer Management

Issue 41: USAID Environmental Requirements

Issue 42: Understanding Fluctuating Exchange Rates

Issue 43: Managing Your Relationship with Your Donors

Issue 44: How to Set Up an Effective Board

Issue 45: Advancing your Cause by Pitching your Program

Issue 46: Using Evidence-Based Project Planning

Issue 47: Geographic Codes, Source & Vendor Restrictions and Waivers