NPI Partner Highlights

Celebrating Successful Resource Mobilization

Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC)
Round 1  Partner, Kenya 

An FHI 360 Sustainability Training in October 2010 inspired the CRWRC to build a consortium of partners to compete for a Round 10 Global Fund grant in Kenya, said Fred Witteveen, the NGO's director. CRWRC, with three local partners, submitted a successful proposal to implement HIV and AIDS activities. In addition, CRWRC Kenya secured a matching award from the Canadian International Development Agency to implement maternal and child health programs in the Coastal province of Kenya. Said Witteveen, " [these successes] came as a result of the confidence we built and the lessons we learned in the NPI program. " 

Round 3 Partner, Kenya

St. John's Community Centre (SJCC),  the implementing partner for Kindernothilfe's NPI cooperative agreement in Kenya, won a five-year US$ 375,000 sub-award under the USAID APHIA Plus Project and under the HOPE Project, won a US$ 757,523 four-year Community Housing Finance International grant to support HIV prevention activities aimed at primary and secondary school youth. According to OVC Program Coordinator Damaris Njoroge, NPI support in human resources, financial management, resource mobilization, governance and project performance management went a long way toward making SJCC a partner of choice. "USG support and JSI/NUPITA technical assistance helped us improve our organizational structures and procedures," said Njoroge. "It also helped us further develop program standards and M&E systems, and raise our organization's profile in community-based HIV/AIDS work." 

Grassroot Soccer (GRS)
Round 3 NPI Partner, South Africa

Grassroot Soccer reached approximately 82,115 young South Africans with soccer-focused HIV prevention educational programs while an NPI partner. Through public-private partnerships that included the South Africa government, GRS offered HIV prevention, voluntary counseling and testing, gender-based violence prevention, and child protection services. Because of the NGO's reputation for being highly collaborative, innovative and research-driven and a very capable NPI partner, GRS will continue to a year-long public-private partnership with support form the USAID Mission. GRS was awarded US $1 million in March 2012 to implement the GRS "Skillz" curriculum which focuses on building basic life skills that help boys and girls ages 10-19 adopt healthy behaviors and live HIV risk-free."Thanks to NPI and its vanguard collaborative approach to development, we have come a very long way as an organization and have made a significant impact in the fight against AIDS," said a GRS representative. 


Woord en Daad
Round 2 NPI Partner, South Africa

Mfesane is the South Africa-based implementing partner for Woord en Daad. Mfesane's Executive Director Nomvuyo Baba told NuPITA, "The gaps that were identified through organizational capacity assessment and the efforts [in collaboration with NuPITA] to fill those gaps built our capacity tremendously and helped establish Mfesane's systems and procedures."  Thanks to strengthened systems and a resource mobilization plan, Mfesane secured US$130,000 from the Global Fund for home based care and OVC support. The grant is managed through NACOSA from the South African Department of Health. The NGO's Program Manager Mark Walker said that Mfesane "has moved from no Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the government in the past to signing five MOUs and to being the conduit for funds to other South Africa government partners. Also, we can now pay the salaries of the 26 staff members needed to continue our HIV and AIDS work!"

Nordic Assistance to Vietnam (NAV)
Round 1 NPI Partner, Vietnam

Nordic Assistance to Vietnam is helping a number of former NPI supported Faith Based Organization (FBOs) develop resource mobilization plans and strategies to diversify their funding sources. As a result,  partners in Hue, Hanoi and Hai Phong received new awards for HIV/AIDS programming from Misereor (German Catholic Bishop's Organization for Development Cooperation). FBO partners in Hai Phong, Hue and Ho Chi Minh City have also been able to secure donations from private and corporate donors. With support from NAV and Open University, the Vietnam Buddhist University established a Department of Social Work in 2011 to train para-social workers providing care and support to People Living with HIV/AIDS and marginalized populations.

NAV is continuing a dialogue with Vietnamese authorities, in particular the Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front and the Health authorities, to advocate for a legal framework for HIV programs and organizational structures run by FBOs. NAV continues to incorporate other recognized faiths in its network in order to realize its vision of establishing an inter-faith network on HIV in Vietnam.

Round 3 NPI Partner, Uganda

"Look what you did for Retrak!" wrote Diarmuid O'Neill, Retrak Executive Director in a letter to NuPITA regarding Retrak's Advocacy strategy. As an NPI partner, Retrak has embraced organizational changes that have strengthened its position as an influential participant in national and international policy forums that focus on children's rights. As a result, Retrak is taking its advocacy work to new places: becoming co-chair of the Beyond 2015 UN Working Group and representing street children at an African Union session of the African Committee of Experts on the Rights & Welfare of the Child. In addition, Retrak was invited to join the Uganda Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development Technical Working Group on OVC. "We have achieved all this because we opened ourselves to technical assistance from NuPITA's advisors and staff who worked full time with Retrak in Ethiopia and Uganda," said Dinah Mwesigye, Retrak Uganda Deputy Country Director. Retrak Uganda is now the lead organization in the Street Children NGO Coalition in Uganda and is also spearheading innovative foster-care work in Ethiopia. 


Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT)
Round 3 NPI Partner, Kenya

AMURT Kenya secured a five-year US$ 1.25 million sub-grant from USAID Kenya through APHIA Plus to continue to provide educational support, nutritional supplementation, and malaria prevention to orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya's Central, Coast and Nyanza provinces. NuPITA's Senior Management training was "an eye opener" agreed the three AMURT Kenya senior staff who participated in the December 2010 event. They added that the training gave them a chance to reflecet on and apparise their management styles and processes.  "It came at the perfect time," said NDr. Edward Kinyanjui, AMURT's NPI project coordinator and liaison. "The learning that resonated the most with us was the need for AMURT's management to adopt an effective plan to ensure continued funding beyond NPI." Following the training, AMURT applied to nine funders and secured awards from six including USAID and the Global Fund. "The meeting with prospective APHIA Plus primes, that NuPITA facilitated, was effective in creating linkages and cultivating sustained donor interest and engagement," said Dr. Kinyanjui.