NPI Guide to Managing USG-Funded HIV/AIDS Programs


he New Partners Initiative Guide to Managing U.S. Government-Funded HIV/AIDS Programs was developed to fill a gap in available capacity-building resources to help non-governmental organizations (NGOs) effectively manage PEPFAR funds under the New Partners Initiative (NPI).

The Guide is organized according to the lifecycle of an award: Chapter 2 covers the Award Phase; chapters 3-4 discuss the Start-Up Phase; chapters 5-6 address the Implementation Phase and chapters 7-9 guide the reader through the Close-Out Phase. Each chapter provides links to useful tools that can help non-governmental organizations NGOs implement their organization's work and references to specific documents and Web sites where readers can obtain more detailed information on a particular subject.

The Guide is the fruit of the efforts and experience of numerous USAID and FHI 360 staff members who have spent their careers helping NGOs implement effective and compliant U.S. Government-funded (USG) programs.

Funding for this Guide was provided by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), under the Capable Partners Program (CAP) New Partners Initiative managed by FHI 360. Its contents and views do not necessarily reflect the views of either USAID or the USG.

USAID Update: replaces for Excluded Parties and Terrorism Searches
As of November 21, the System for Award Management ( has replaced the Excluded Parties Listing System ( for debarment searches. This alert replaces previous guidance found in CAP materials such as The NPI Resource Guide, Implementation Tips, and eNewsletters. To verify that consultants, staff, vendors and subcontractors are eligible to receive US Government funds, you must now consult